Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry stock bikes?

No. Every bike we build is tailor made for its owner.

How does St Joris Cycles find my optimal position on the bike?

In order to find your optimal position and build you a bicycle that fits like a tailor made suit, we don’t rely on models that are based on cycling population averages. It is well known that averages are poor predictors for an individual due to the ever-present spread. With human beings, spread is even quite large. The largest factor responsible for that is the behaviour of an individual’s back. Is it flexible or stiff, and where is its flexibility located? Instead of relying on models that reason from a number of limb lengths and applying some statistics, we closely cooperate with SportMax in Eindhoven, using their ‘dynamic bike fitting’ method to determine your optimal position. In case you have medical complaints regarding your bike riding, please bring them forward during the fitting session. Once your optimal position is determined, we start designing your bike with your optimal position as the starting point.

I have the perfect position on my current bike. Can you copy my position?

Although people may already have many years of cycling experience, they might have been sitting on their bike sub-optimal for years and they might find themselves saying: “I should have done this before!”, after having the dynamic bikefitting measurement at SportMax. However, if you want to have your current position copied onto your new bike, we will exactly measure your pedal-seat-bars position and integrate this into the design of your new bike.

What is the optimal bike geometry?

What ‘optimal’ is depends on the intended purpose of the bike. When designing your bike, we take into account the intended use of your bike. Do you want to race crits with it, or do you take it out regularly for mountain rides, or do you want an allround bike? We will design you a bike geometry that fits your intended use.

Aren't steel bikes soft and non-responsive?

Actually, the most heard comment during the ‘delivery ride’ with our customers that swap their carbon bike for a St Joris Cycles road bike is: “Wow, what a responsive bike! It catapults me forward!” Well constructed bikes with a selection of the latest generation steel tubing are very responsive, yet comfortable and will give you amazing handling and control in corners and descents.

What type of tubing do you use?

Our bikes are build using the latest steel tubing alloys from Columbus, Reynolds and/or Dedacciai. We may mix tubes in a single frameset to optimize the butt profiles for the specific frame sizing and design targets.

I like your paint scheme. Can I choose any color combination?

Yes. We offer a 3D animation of the frame with the colors of your choice to help you to make your decision.

I want my name on my bike. Is that possible?


What is the delivery time of a custom bike at St Joris Cycles?

Our bikes are tailor made, one at a time. This holds for the bike fit, design, build process and finishing touch. As a result, there is a waiting queue. Our delivery time is usually between 4 – 7 months. Contact us for the current delivery time!

I am overseas and want to order a bike. How can we find my optimal bikefit?

We encourage you to do the bikefitting session at our partner Sportmax. However, if you are unable to pay us a visit, we recommend you to find a local bikefitter with a good reputation and provide us with your bikefitting results. Contact us for a suggestion for a bike fitter in your country.

What services do you offer to St Joris Cycles owners?

As a service to St Joris Cycles owners, replacement chains and other drivetrain parts are installed at attractive prices, so that you can keep your St Joris in as-new condition. If you want to have your bike serviced, a pair of new tyres, or have some upgrade or new parts installed, please contact us to make an appointment. We would be more than happy to help you to keep your bike on the road in optimal condition!

Can I visit your workshop?

Yes, of course! It would be our pleasure to show you around in the workshop! If you like to pay a visit, please contact us for an appointment.