Vredestein Aventura 700x38C
Vredestein Aventura 700x38C

Vredestein Aventura TLR 700x38C


Vredestein’s tubeless ready gravel tyre in 38 mm width. This tyre has an impressive behaviour in various conditions. It rolls easy on various offroad surfaces and has outstanding grip in corners under dry conditions. Excellent predictability without noticeable differences in feel when rolling the tyre from the mid section onto the shoulders in corners. This tyre inspires confidence and has slightly better grip when looking for the limits in offroad cornering as compared to the WTB Riddler. It feels best in dry conditions, but holds up pretty well under intermediate wet and light muddy conditions. Runs pretty easy on tarmac, although it needs a little higher pressure to compete with the WTB Riddler on this point. Typical pressure settings for a 72 kg rider in offroad conditions: ~ 2.6 bars. When going for a mostly on-road spin, best increase the pressure with about 0.4 bars for improved rolling.

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